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Fail To Succeed?

Does This Sound Like You?

"I passed my insurance test, got my license, and now I am spending all my money on leads that just don't work! Help!!! I'm going broke."

Unfortunately, this is the story we see and hear over and over again. In fact, agent failure rates are at an all time high...98%!!! When asked why they failed, agents responded with two key answers: Inadequate training and support, and they ran out of money to buy leads.

WHAT?!!!! That's insanity, and there's a long trail of failed agents who were promised the world and found financial ruin instead.

Do you feel like... you're drowning in the red ocean of an agent system that almost guarantees your failure?

Does it seem like... you have no outside help or resources, and your upline agent's answer is for you to spend more money buying leads?

Are you frustrated that... the leads you are buying are recycled or so expensive you can't afford to purchase enough to make back your investment?

And when it comes to it, do you... feel like you were lied too about the "amazing life" you would be able to create selling insurance?

Unlock The Mystery Of Agent Success

And Then We Will Teach You To Take It To The Next Level


Identifying your limiting beliefs helps you understand what holds you back from achieving our greatest success. Changing your mindset changes your outcomes. It all starts with discovering your WHY. Success is less about what you are running to and more about where you are running from. Identifying what holds you back, will give you the insight you need to remove your limiting beliefs. As those beliefs are changed, you will gain a clear vision of what your future will become. Vision gives clarity, and clarity gives you passion and powerful purpose. Having passion and purpose will ignite growth, which requires the right mindset.


Diligence is a learnable skill that combines: CREATIVE PERSISTENCE, A SMART-WORKING EFFORT RIGHTLY PLANNED AND RIGHTLY PERFORMED IN A TIMELY, EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE MANNER TO ATTAIN A RESULT THAT IS PURE AND OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF EXCELLENCE. We all have a natural inclination to follow the path of least resistance. Fortunately, despite your natural inclina­tion, you can choose to follow a path of greater resistance and become diligent in the pursuit of any endeavor, project, or goal. And if you develop the kind of diligence defined above, you can achieve incredible outcomes in any impor­tant area of your life.


When you align your core values with eternal principles like Diligence, and Generosity, you are able to achieve greater successes more efficiently. You increase your momentum. Eternal principle are never changing and are always in effect. Aligning your values to eternal principles will make your business accelerate towards success. It accelerates growth. However, when your values are not aligned the results can be catastrophic. This is what happens to most entrepreneurs, despite their hard work and effort. Their values aren’t aligned with eternal principles, and they crash and burn.

Mindset, Diligence, And Momentum Are More Than A Way To Get Rich.

It's A Life Change That Will Produce Lasting Financial, Relational, And Generational Wealth.


What Others Are Saying

"Rob has been a great mentor, coach, and teacher that I have ever had in this industry...and I have been through some big name sales classes!"

-Teak Johnson, Fin Insurance

"As a Sales Consultant, I fully endorse Rob Thomas for his professional demeanor and commitment to service his clients"

-Jeffrey Candelaria, Konnection LLC

"I have personally and professionally known Rob for 19 years. He shows compassion and thinks of helping others, while showing proven leadership and excellent communication skills. I love His drive in getting to know his clients and implementing solutions to help his clients."

-Chris Prien, Prien Asset Management

"Rob genuinely cares for people. As a mentor and coach, Rob leads from the heart with wisdom and experience. He also brings insight and truth to those he works with."

- Bill Lohr, WaterRock Financial Consultant

"Rob is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. His coaching style has made learning easy for me. He makes everyone feel valued and confident about success."

-Jerry Elliott, WaterRock Life Agent

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make an impact on an industry that currently has a 98% failure rate.

We want to work with 400 agents in the next 3 years to coach, mentor, develop an elite agent team and and lead them to the highest success rate in the industry.

What We Offer

Agent Training & Webinars

No matter what company you work with, we are here to help you succeed. We challenge you to become one of our success stories, to break your company records, to live the life you were meant to live.

Investment: FREE

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FREE Live Training Event

Insurance Hack-A-Thon

hack-er(noun) -

"sometimes used as a term of admiration for individuals who exhibit a high degree of skill and creativity in their approach to a technical problem."

How do you see enough people, and then what do you say to help close the deal? These are the 2 most important question every agent needs to answer if they are going to succeed in this industry. That's why we call ourselves industry disruptors. 98% agent failure should tell you the system is broken. We aim to change that.

In this FREE, 2 hour LIVE event, we teach agents the powerful principles that will transform your sales growth over night! It doesn't matter which IMO you work with, these principles will change your game and give you the edge you need to succeed. Then we will show you how to get in front of the people you need to talk with while spending as little as possible on leads.

We don't want to change your IMO. We just want to change your game!

In this 2 hour LIVE event, you will learn:

Increase Your Lead Gen 500%, so you can exceed your sales goals without breaking the bank.

Increase Your Appointments By 150%, so you can have more appointments set and kept when you follow the systems we will teach you!

Increase Your Sales By 125%, we think this is a low number, but we like to under promise and over deliver. Your bank account will thank us!

Increase Your Referrals By 300%, so you can grow your business faster. Word of mouth marketing is still the most powerful marketing tool you have!

Decrease Chargebacks By 90%, because nothing hurts worse than working all week just to owe money. The average agent sees about 60% of their business fall off in the first 3 months - OUCH!


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3 Day Live Masterclass

Secret IMO Hacks

We think every agent should be making 6-figures. But very few do. And the ones who do rarely have the ability to create sustainability. In essence, even the superstars flame out!

This Masterclass IS NOT hype and fluff. We tell it like it is, and then we show you what you need to know to succeed. These are practical, achievable truths that will set you apart from everyone else in the field. We will show you how to take the guess work out of becoming a high income earner in as little as 30 days. We call it our 30 day roadmap to a 6 -figure income!

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

Key Principles Of Agent Success, so you can lay a 6-figure foundation in the next 30 days.

How To Build A Roadmap, so you can take the guesswork out of how to succeed by using simple, practical daily steps to reach your destination.

How To Add Rocket Fuel To Your Dream, So you can quickly, predictably, and sustainably achieve the success other agents wish for.

"I believe success happens when I find a better way and share it. I do that by helping solving complex and challenging problems that agents face and then I bring outside the box solutions."


Rob Thomas

After 18+ years working in the insurance industry, Rob established WaterRock Financial Network in 2021. He has worked to develop partnerships and sales systems and a financial ecosystem that cannot be found in any other IMO in the nation. His mission is to make an impact on an industry that currently has a 98% failure rate. His goal is to work with 400 agents in the next 3 years to coach, mentor, develop an elite agent team and and lead them to the highest success rate in the industry. Anything less is not an option.

He believes that insurance is still one of the greatest professions on the planet because everyday, agents get to help families protect the things that are most important to them - their loved ones and their paychecks. On someone's worst day, we get to be the only person showing up with money for the family. And when an agent has the right systems and processes in place, they get paid better than doctors to do their jobs!

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