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Credit Line Banking

Pay off debt 4 times faster - Mortgage, Student Loans, Credit Cards, Auto Loans

Invest 2 times faster - Retirement, Real Estate, Safe Investment Strategies

More than Financial Freedom, Learn Financial Dominance!

Most financial education teaches you to stick to a set budget, avoid credit cards and loans that will charge you interest, and to “live beneath your means”. But the truth is, those things don’t work for everyone, and they won’t get you the kind of financial freedom we know is possible.

That’s why we created a completely different approach to managing your money that puts you on the fast track to your debt free future without strict budgeting, taking on a side hustle, or asking your boss for a raise.

We want to enhance the way you view your finances, streamline how you manage your expenses, and teach you to use tools like credit cards and loans in a financially healthy way so that you can take back control of your hard-earned paychecks.

Financial GPS

Maximize Your 401K

Minimize Risk In Your Accumulation Years

Reduce Taxes In Retirement

Increase Spendable Income In Retirement

This is the next webinar in our Safe Money Strategies which includes Credit Line Banking. In Credit Line Banking, Bill shows you how you can bank like a banker and develop financial independence with a strategy that will pay off debt 4 times faster and help you invest and grow your assets 2 times faster.

In Financial GPS, We will teach you a detailed roadmap that will guide you to understand where you need to put your money and the why behind this strategy. You will learn the power of diversification that will help you maximize your savings and investing efforts, and minimize risk during your accumulation years so you can take advantage of the market ups and downs with a systematic approach.

You will also discover how to reduce your taxes when it matters most and increase your spendable income in retirement.

The Institute Of Financial Wellness

Retirement Roadmap Experience

For Those Nearing Retirement

Strategies To Protect Against A Volatile Market

Reduce The Fear Of Running Out Of Retirement Money

Enjoy A Full Retirement Instead Of A Just Incase Retirement

"People dream about retirement...traveling, buying a boat, joining the country club, etc. But when they retire, they opt for a just incase retirement. This is the kind of retirement where you don't live any of your dreams just in case you run out of money. Then you die. The kids inherit your retirement and they travel, buy a boat, and join the country club." - Tom Hegna, Retirement Expert